insight with in.


Innovative. Incredible. Involved.

This is an interactive business keynote designed to enhance communication, connection, and the creativity within you and your team.

There is probably only one reason you are reading this, someone told you about Todd or you attended the Infinitely In event.

Word of mouth. It is one of the most powerful forces there is. And, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to grow a business. Being invited. Being introduced. Being involved. Being intelligent, innovative, insightful, ingenious, insured, invested, or simply described as a person with integrity.

Infinitely In is intelligently designed to show you and your team how the invaluable becomes valuable, how the invisible becomes visible, and how the incredible becomes credible. It is a simple, but not simplistic message with immediate application on personal and professional levels.

You will be shown timeless truths and mastermind principles behind innovation, involvement, influence, and integrity. This is the event you want to book when you desire to give your team something extraordinary and something worth talking about.

Education / Experience / Expertise with Todd:

Michigan State University, BBA

University of Dallas, MBA

The Wharton School, Executive Education

The performance background of an international magician. The professional background of a hedge fund money manager and franchise specialist. And the heart of a missionary. This event is a combination of intelligence, insight, and inspiration. The immediate application usually results in increased connection and communication with your team and your clients.


We believe in

. . . creativity ascending over competition.

 . .  integrity as priceless and an essential element toward building a business. 

. . . the invisible power of words, both spoken and merely thought of.

. . . how an invitation can change a person’s life.

 . . . the infinite upside of serving others through providing incredible products and services. There is tremendous power in being IN


Incredible clients who have

experienced Infinitely In . . .