insight with in.

Have you ever considered the power of being in?

Being invited. Being introduced. Being involved. Being intelligent, innovative, insightful, ingenious, insured, invested, or simply described as a person with integrity?

This is an interactive, influential, inspiring message that combines engagement, entertainment, with high educational content. Specifically designed to inspire and influence those in the service industry ranging from food service franchises to innovative and interactive sales conferences.

You are invited to experience something insightful, innovative, and infinitely invaluable.

You will learn and experience timeless truths and the mastermind principles behind innovation, involvement, insight, influence, and integrity. These principles are best shown first and talked about after. This event is distinctly different than most business keynote presentations. Infinitely In is interactive, insightful, and intelligently structured to show you and your team how the invaluable becomes valuable, how the invisible becomes visible, and how the incredible becomes credible.

Once you are committed to being “in”, everything can change. By applying your “in” word, you can see, share, and savor the infinite upside of being “in”.

Education / Experience / Expertise with Todd:

Michigan State University, BBA

University of Dallas, MBA

The Wharton School, Executive Education

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We believe in . . . creativity ascending over competition.

 . .  integrity as priceless and essential element toward building a business. 

. . . the invisible power of words, both spoken and merely thought of.

. . . an invitation can change a person’s life.

 . . . knowing where a person receives their information.

 . . . innovation, insight, intelligence, involvement, inspiration, influence, inquiry, and infinite upside by investing, involving, and increasing in grace and knowledge through serving others with incredible products and services. This message is simple, but not simplistic. There is tremendous insight with in—



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