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5m overview.

Invitation. Interaction. Inspiration. The incredible becomes credible. The invisible will become visible. And the invaluable will be seen as valuable -- all from knowing the power of being "in" - intelligent, influential, intentional, and invested. For those in the service industry, you know the value of the infinite power of word of mouth through an experience a customer / client has with you.

1m video.

Invested. Involved. Intelligent. The power of being "in"- Interconnecting | Inviting | Introducing This is an inspiring business keynote with interaction, insight, and involvement, book Infinitely In. It's simple, but not a simplistic message. Booking info: / p: 323.863.3464

Aguirre & Fields 20th Anniversary. Fort Worth, Texas. New brand logo. New excitement for the future. New keynote message with Todd Sinelli and Engineering Innovators. That is us.
C21 Mike Bowman end of the year Christmas Celebration 2018 Fun, food, and a family atmosphere for all- Over 200+ agents and vendors gathered to be energized and engaged with awards, gifts, and interactive magic from Todd Sinelli. It was a memorable and magnificent event to conclude a banner year for 2018 for the Mike Bowman team!
An invitation. An introduction. This is a 30s overview to what "Infinitely In" is and what it is not. More videos and info: / phone: 323.863.3464
Enjoying. Engaging. Experiencing astonishment. Come see, share, and savor what it feels like to be truly astonished. Ordinary gets forgotten. Extraordinary gets remembered. Let's aim for astonishment. Your ambassador of awe, Todd Sinelli / / 323.863.3464
Astonishment. Ordinary gets lost. Extraordinary gets remembered. The Awakening Astonishment motivational message creates an experience by stimulating the senses and childlike imaginations to believe that anything is possible. I will show you how understanding principles of astonishment will enhance your life on professional and personal levels and allow you to be remembered, rewarded, and referred as a result.